Monday, February 21, 2011



Sorry it's been so long but Dad and Austin are full time jobs and I am just to thankful to be busy helping to care for daddy as he recovers!  So, off we go.

My beautiful spirit sister Andi gave me the most amazing book on the teachings of Abraham by Esther and Jerry Hicks.  It's all about the laws of attraction- sending out what you want to receive.  It teaches us how to harness our focus to bring about that which we truly desire.  One REALLY important lesson I have learned is that if we worry we attract more of I'm really working on that one.  It also shows how if you focus on lack, lack of the job you want or the right relationship or whatever, you attract the LACK instead of that which you are trying to attract.  We must focus on our goal to believe it into existence NOT wish it into existence.  Powerful book I am working my way through and digesting and will share as we go.

So, being me I am also just finished the Alchemist yet again and started a book on Synchronicity. It's called "The Seven Secrets of Synchronicity" by Trish and Rob MacGregor. They are amazing authors who have penned over sixty fiction and non-fiction books and this one is truly earth shaking for me.  As you get to know me you will also know  I am not sure I am able to read just one book at a time when I get really enthusiastic about a subject.  These are so important to me and I am so excited to share.

(Cue deep breath)...SOOOOO, Carl Jung (great psychologist who studied w/Freud but branched off due to his belief in possibility and Freud's disbelief in anything he couldn't see) coined the phrase "Synchronicity".  It means purposeful coincidences such as losing something that is so important to you that you focus on it and suddenly in a seemingly impossible circumstance you find it.   One story was about Anthony Hopkins who was researching a character and the book he needed was out of print and quite rare.  He really put himself into finding a copy of the book and on his way home one day found a copy on a bench in a main train station in London mislaid by the traveller that was apparently reading it.  To make it more interesting the author of the book was ALSO looking for it.  He had lent it to this person who mislaid it in London where Hopkins picked it up and when the author arrived on the movie set months later to consult with Hopkins he mentioned that he didnt have a copy of his own book.  He also mentioned that he had put many notes in the margin and was quite perturbed at his friend for losing it at which point Hopkins produced the book with all the liner notes and said..."You mean this one"...true story.  So I am ready on and thinking how grateful I am to my mom for giving me the book for my birthday when the author's reference their daughter and how she subscribes to the Law of Attraction theory and studies the works guessed it, Esther and Jerry Hicks and the Law of Abraham.  At this point I am vibrating.  Then they start giving more in particular was from a man about a performance review at work that was completely unfair and untrue. Unbeknownst to him at the time, it happened because there was another amazing opportunity for him that he didnt know about.  God as my witness it happened to me not two weeks ago and out of the blue I got a call on a job I didn't even know existed that may be an amazing opportunity for me.  In the book they said it was to wake him up to show him that he needed to do something new and prepare him for the opportunity.  I was still licking my wounds and nursing my complete shock (it's the financial industry so nothing surprises me) when the call came in...I had just said to my mom that I was so very hurt and angry about the slighting and whammo- it's because I needed to be ready to be open.  I interviewed last week, the people there I met were amazing and I felt at home the short time I was there, so if the Universe deems it mine I will be once again, grateful.

Reference after reference I kept hitting and with mouth open devoured the text, at times so excited my eyes moved faster than my brain and I had to re-read-ha!!  The strangest was the kick in the head from the Universe to get me to listen when they referenced a session Jung was having with one of his patients.  She kept dreaming of a scarab beetle. The scarab is a sacred symbol in Egypt that symbolizes rebirth and renewal.  Jung was about to tell her how it is a dream of psychological rebirth to prepare her for something knew when something kept tapping into the window behind him.  He opened it to find a beetle hitting the window, a genus they had there that was the closest to the scarab for that area.  I sat there shaking because two weeks ago when all this went down I had the craziest urge to wear my scarab bracelet from Egypt.  It was left to me when my Aunt Win passed and she acquired it on a trip there.  I didn't know when I felt I needed to have it on that it was because I am preparing for a rebirth but I knew I needed Aunt Win with me that day.  I am beyond certain I am on the right path and feeling at peace for the most part though anxious to see what change I am met with.  I also felt VERY drawn to a special journal recently that I got with some points I won at work.  I was stunned to see it on the website where we choose what we would like from the points we earn because it is hand made of recycled materials and right up my alley.  What I didn't know over a month ago when I ordered it is that the book tells me to start a Synchronicity Journal...done!!  I'm just floored, completely floored.  Still not speechless- ha!

On a side note, when I just uploaded the pic of the book I realized there is a butterfly on the cover.  As I have lost the accident weight I have kept the image of the butterfly close as a sort of totem as I go through my own metamorphosis.  I also see literally hundreds of them as I take my walks/hikes through the woods and use them as a judge to know if I should keep going.  If I see them and they dance ahead I forge ahead.  If they abruptly turn back so do I (sounds weird but I live in bear/wild dog/wildcat country).  I felt in my gut I should follow their lead but I decided to test that once and try to do what I wanted instead of following in the signs and ran head long into a roaming Rottweiler who scared the crap out of me... I diverge from course but I'm just saying...know?
So, if you have experienced Synchronicity and would like to share I would LOVE to swap stories with you.  Andi and I are also going to start clearing soon so once we get a rhythm we will share and PLEASE join us if you wish.  In the meantime, be love, be light and BELIEVE!

Love to you!


  1. Hi Leah - thanks so much for stopping by our blog and posting - and putting such a wonderful review of the book on your blog! Our daughter is a big Hicks person, as are we - weird phrase there! - so we're delighted for the mutual attraction!

    - Trish MacGregor

  2. Trish, I am just grateful to tell you what a difference this book is making in my life. It's astounding. I knew it existed but wasn't sure what to label it. It's happened all my life. To read about the job, the scarab and the Hicks' book in two! You're gift is astounding and the fact that you have the courage to share it is such a gift to the rest of us. I cannot tell you what an honor it is to be able to thank you! I plan on reading absolutely everything you have written and am so blessed that you would take the time to read what I had to say. About your phrase- I had to laugh out loud because I live in West Virginia so I am a big Hick person no matter how you cut it! Love it!

    Thank you so much and PLEASE keep doing what you're doing! So much love and light to all of you!


  3. Where in West Virginia? We have a friend who lives in Lumberport. Funny word play there with Hick/Hicks!

  4. I live in Inwood in the Eastern Panhandle. It's very close to Harpers Ferry which is my fav spot in this area. I'll have to look up Lumberport...not sure where that is. If you ever get out this way PLEASE let me know would love to meet you someday and you're always welcome here! If you ever do get out this way consider Canaan Valley in the Monongahela (sp?) mountains. It is one of the most serene places I have ever been and very good for clearing.

    I'm a word nerd as you can see ;-)

  5. Leah - we had to change the URL for our blog. It's now: